Robert C. Mueller, ESQ.  |  Phone: 443.994.7266

217 Upper Mill Court Centreville, MD 21617

Areas of Practice

Bob offers high-quality mediation services in the full range of family disputes, real estate mediation (buyer/seller and broker/client disputes), as well as in general civil disputes of all kinds. You also may view the "Maryland Child Support Guidelines" link for further information as to how Maryland courts address the issue of child support in divorce cases.

Family Disputes and Divorce

Bob's mediation services are available in the full range of family disputes, including premarital, blended families (where one or both persons entering a new marriage are parents of children), separation, divorce (including child access and property distribution), and elder issues.

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Real Estate Matters

Bob is an experienced mediator with the "Buyer-Seller / "Broker-Client" Mediation Program of the Maryland Association of Realtors. Most real estate contractual matters proceed to conclusion without serious difficulty. Occasionally, however, either misunderstandings from the outset or lack of communication or unfulfilled expectations during the process raise a problem that the parties themselves and their realtors are unable to resolve.

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General Civil Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes between neighbors, between a business and a customer, between a merchant and a supplier, between a homeowner and a home-improvement contractor, etc., are common occurrences today. In prior times, the parties often were able to work out these matters reasonably and privately.

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