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Mediation Fee Structure

Bob's fee structure is different from a structure used by most other mediators and other service professionals, such as attorneys. With most professionals, the client is "on the clock" whenever that professional is working on the client's case, whether it is in conference, doing research, drafting documents, etc. In contrast, Bob's fee of $250.00 per hour, which usually is shared by the participants, is charged SOLELY for time spent IN mediation session. There are no additional charges for time spent in preparing for sessions, for writing drafts of points of agreement, for drafting a final memorandum of understanding, etc.

Why is this important?

If you are comparing fees among mediators, please keep in mind that, most often, fees for work done outside of sessions are NOT included in the session fee. As a consumer, Bob believes that it is important that you see what you are getting. If you are not in session with Bob, you are not being charged.